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Who I Am

As an educator, I focus on quantitative and qualitative data to create solutions for community development. As an investor, I seek opportunities to build equity. As a father, I focus on leaving a legacy.

Bailey Initiative is a case study that will be a platform and resource center that provides tools and be an idea hub for information that will be used to create generational wealth. This will be a source guide for proven strategies and theories to contribute to equitable economic development.

Mission & Vision

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Create generational wealth for people of color through homeownership.

Homeownership is the most secure investment to create generational wealth. It’s tangible. The opportunity to create wealth for people of color (POC) has been systematically restricted . We focus on how to obtain, maintain, and sustain a home and utilize it as an investment.


BI will provide access and opportunity to investments by investing in the community and its development.

To be a resource platform for all things investment related and make it easy for POC to create generational wealth.

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We are interested in learning about new ideas and tactics that are intentional about establishing investment opportunities to POC.

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